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Re-merge the split Echo icons if I disable Flow mentions
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T108190 doubled the Echo icons in the personal toolbar:

Apparently this was made to display Flow updates in the "messages" icon, which is lower priority and less emergency-looking. However, I disable Flow notifications, so I now have:

  • the highest priority notifications possible (messages in my user talk) in a lower priority queue;
  • the low priority notifications (mentions, thanks) in the high priority queue;
  • the lowest priority notifications (Flow stuff from random watchlisted pages etc.) correctly hidden (I hope).

This situation makes no sense at all. The easiest solution would be to restore the single-icon setup if one ignores Flow notifications. An alternative solution would be to rethink the whole "feature".

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Flow mentions aren't the only thing under the messages icon. User talk notifications are there too, see T108760: Move "left a message on your talk page" Echo notification from Alerts to Messages

There's a request for feedback on which other Notification types, both existing and planned, should be moved into the "messages" section. A few people have agreed with the suggestion to move Mentions into the "messages" section. A few people have even suggested (previously, and there) splitting them apart into even more groups (this is very unlikely to happen).
There are a large number of existing requests for more notification-types, plus the forthcoming cross-wiki notifications, and we need to improve the deluge somehow, but without running afoul of ;-)

Flow mentions aren't the only thing under the messages icon. User talk notifications are there too

Yes. When Flow notifications are disabled, those would go back to their usual place. Which is hitting two birds with a stone.

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We should re-think which notification types are in which section, and the details of what exactly determines the distinction (the colors communicate priority, but the mark-as-read-when-seen behavior implies only notifications that don't require following a link should be in the alerts section; those should be reconciled). Per @Quiddity's comment, there's an on-wiki discussion about that. We will retain the distinction, though.

My workaround is

li#pt-notifications-message, li#pt-notifications-alert {
        display: none;

in my global.css.