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Hovercards loses manual superscript formatting by requesting plain text
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The articles w:en:Googol and w:en:Googolplex include a <sup>foo</sup> string, which is not correctly displayed in Hovercards.

Screenshot from 2015-09-10 11:01:40.png (783×1 px, 177 KB)

Screenshot from 2015-09-10 11:01:21.png (783×1 px, 195 KB)

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… Hovercards should probably request HTML.

What would be the implications of doing this? Are there elements known to be in the initial excerpt that are sure to mess up the Hovercard?

Potentially. We'd need to explore it. I'd expect that we'd need to parse the output into a DOM tree and whitelist only a few images e.g. p tags, sub, and sup.

I'd suggest to implement this we'd try a different mode e.g. explainhtmlsubset and test out on mobile first.

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should we track tasks like this under one task?