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Implement filter for edit tags
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Crete a way to use the edit tags/fitles for edits to give score points to edits.

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You're going to have to be more specific as to what exactly you're proposing here.

It would be good if applications (such as Huggle) could extract edit tags from API (not sure if possible, I asked, someone siad no). Such as "Blanked page" or "Possible vandalism". THis could be implemebted in Huggle to create specific queues or add score points to Hugggle's algoritms. Please ask if you want me to be even more specific.

Yes huggle can extract these tags. What do you want to do with them?

Oh, didn't know that was possible.
Two things:

  1. Is it possible to create a specific queue with only edits which has a specific tag (or tags) which the user should be able to chose using tickboxes
  2. Show edit tags (with the red/yellow/etc. colors) under the edit summary at the top of each edit.

If you wanted to create a queue you need to have a list of all tags, is there any API that provides it?

Hence why I added API as a project, but @TOO removed it. Not sure if it does exists such a function.

Note, these are only tags for enwp, so we keep that in mind.

I would assume Huggle would fetch tags dynamically for the particular wiki context in which it is operating. (Not knowing anything about Huggle, myself...)

ok, to summarise the features requested here are:

  1. create edit queues based on selected tags (user config)
  2. take specific tags into score calculation (per project/user config)
  3. show edit tags under the edit summary at the top of each edit
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  1. create edit queues based on selected tags (user config)

As well as using the default queue, but excluding edits with a certain tag would be good, such as the Huggle-tag, etc. Users of these should be whitelisted, but in case they show up anyways, this could benifit the user to exclude specific edits.

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