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Category based-pageview collection for non-Article space, via Treeviews or similar
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Currently Treeviews does a great job at telling pageviews around a topic, when the main-space content is what needs to be measured. However, for projects like The Wikipedia Library, part of our impact is how many users use services like [[en:WP:Reference Desk]] or open projects like WP:TWL. It would be awesome to add to Treeviews ( or similar the ability to select which namespace can be measured, and collected within a category. For example, we would like to be able measure pageviews for on both English, and across the other language communities. This might partially be dependent on , because Treeviews and similar tools are going to need to be updated alongside the new pageview source data. What would be the best way to do this?

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Both direct page view counts (e.g. treeview) and pages-with-images (baglama) are based on
That site works reasonably well, but has issues (not all wikis, scalability, no desktop/mobile, weird view definitions, etc.)

I am waiting for to be available, then play around with it, then write some interfaces around that.

If you need a hackish solution before that, maybe someone is willing to supply a patch for treeviews. I myself won't waste time on hacking code that is marked as obsolete.

Hi @Magnus I am excited for the change to T44259 ! Definitely exciting. Do you have a sense of how you are prioritizing reworking treeviews, etc? We would love to see the cross-namespace support happen :)

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@Magnus Discovered I could use PagePile to hack the tool: but the Project Space is not collecting pageview information: is that a problem with the new API? Is it not reading Project: as project space as (with it auto corrects to Wikipedia:) ?

Sadads added a comment.Feb 2 2016, 2:57 PM

Hey @Magnus, I attemped again with a pagepile, and it seems to be throwing a similar error. Have you looked into a workaround yet?

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Mostly solved with massviews, better conversation/bug at