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TypeError: jQuery(...).filter(...).makeCollapsible is not a function
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1TypeError: jQuery(...).filter(...).makeCollapsible is not a function TypeError: jQuery(...).filter(...).makeCollapsible is not a function
2 at Object.eval (eval at <anonymous> (, <anonymous>:4:531)
3 at fire (
4 at Object.self.fireWith [as resolveWith] (
5 at Object.deferred.(anonymous function) [as ready] (
6 at handlePending (
7 at markModuleReady (
8 at Object.<anonymous> (
9 at fire (
10 at Object.self.add [as done] (
11 at Object.promise.always (

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Any reason you think this is an Echo bug...?

Actually, no. But i pressed the notification-thingy and it just kept loading, and would not show my "thanks". I checked my colsole and this was there,

Please include that in your initial bug report in the future :-)

Sorry :p But I was pre-occupied. Was going to add it later, but since I was pinged...

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None of Flow, Echo or Thanks extensions call "makeCollapsible()" anywhere in their code base. Maybe this came from a gadget that calls makeCollapsible() but forgot to load that dependency (jquery.makeCollapsible) first?

Without a url or steps to reproduce, this report is not actionable.

Search for insource:makeCollapsible on

  1. MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition: NavFrames[default|ResourceLoader|dependencies=jquery.makeCollapsible]|NavFrames.js
  2. MediaWiki:Gadget-NavFrames.js: $( '.NavFrame' ).not( '.Hidden' ).makeCollapsible(

Which looks fine.