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My average download speed from is 200/250kb/s, this night it's about 50kb/s, ranging from some kb to 100kb/s. Dunno if it's a Telecom Italia Sparkle/Seabone (the carrier my ISP uses) problem or WMF's one but it's maybe worth further investigation.

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Yep! Yesterday or maybe the day before some thumbsnails (namely old file versions in Commons image history) didn't load.

for completeness because we talked about it on IRC:

Recently on Aug 25 with change 233659 download.wm has been switched to point to the general text cluster and get redirected to dumps.

Before that it used to be a straight CNAME for dumps which is dataset1001, so it didn't go via the cluster.

This was to fix T107575 the SSL cert issue but is probably not related.

@Vituzzu Yesterday/today in the morning there was network saturation on the dumps host, I think due to nginx being saturated by requests/bots. This calmed later today. Do you continue suffering the same issue right now?

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We got alerts from both Watchmouse and Catchpoint about dumps yesterday. It doesn't look networking-related but more like dumps-related. Adjusting the tasks' metadata accordingly.

@jcrespo it took about 6:30 hours for a 2.6gb dump (roughly 120kb/s avg speed then) which is significantly slower than usual but definitely faster than at the time I opened this task. Now I ran a test by downloading the first 100mb of the same dump with a speed ranging from 100 to 650kb/s (I'm on a g.dmt ADSL, so this is pretty fast) 350 kb/s avg.

@faidon sorry for being inexact on my wording (I didn't add the netops tag), with network saturation, I really meant too many requests at application level for the dumps host (server-related, not physical network-related).

I got the timeouts, but they were general connection slowness on the nginx, and the service never had an outage (just become too slow, as Vituzzu).

I can only see two ways to solve this long term (I think there is no longer an issue now): increase the provisioned hardware (difficult) or introduce QoS/more strict throttling (in addition to the one it is already in place).

Then it seems more like a duplicate of T45647 ...