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Repositories dashboard
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For various usages, we need lists of all repositories, and some information about each repository.

Some information that would be useful to have:

  • languages used in the repository (php, javascript...)
  • versions of some tools used in the repository (phplint, phpunit...)
  • is the code used by WMF
  • is the code in active development


  • for T1361 and T91485 I need list of all repositories that contain Ruby code
  • for T94083 I need version of mediawiki_selenium Ruby gem for a repository (easy to find by parsing Gemfile or Gemfile.lock)

It would be useful if repositories could be sorted, for example by language, or by version of a tool.

A good start is CI status dashboard (code).

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The Kunal code is now in integration/dashboard.git Written for python3.4

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