Perform survival analysis on user satisfaction data
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Okay, (the collective) we designed a schema, implemented it, and started collecting the data. Initial looks into it suggest the schema is valid -- in other words, doesn't introduce a sampling bias. If that is the case, we need to analyze the session lengths that we're logging. Perform standard survival analysis on the checkins in the TestSearchUserSatisfaction2 schema.

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Coming soon after I get some rest: the answer to the question "Do enwiki users stay on pages longer than users on other wikis?" *dramatic music*


  1. We probably want to dig in more what the old and new EL schemas do and did.
  2. "and then later we would use statistical methodology for dealing with right-censored data." I don't know what this means, and I work here ;p.
  3. "bug (introduced on September 10th, 2015) in the Event Logging (EL) system" is all link. Shorter link?
  4. "whether were differences" - "whether there were differences"
  5. There's kind of a lot of TLAs in this. Could we define terms and then either use the full names or the abbreviations but not both?

Everything else looks good!

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