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[Epic] Article recommendation productization/integration
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Creating a placeholder task for the Q2 goal: work with Ops to ensure article recs as a service is stable enough to be integrated with products and community tools.

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@DarTar, I've made bunch of tasks for this super-task. How should I add them as a subtask to this one? I don't seem to find a way. I can add them as a blocker for this one.

@leila: per , adding a task as a blocker is the right way to show parent/subtask relationship:

A parent task would be blocked by its subtasks. (There is no other way to mark parent/subtask relationships).

@leila yes blocking tasks is good, Phab doesn't have a notion of subtasks.

Phab does have subtasks now, but blocking tasks may be more appropriate for most cases.

DarTar renamed this task from Article recommendation productization to [Epic] Article recommendation productization/integration.Dec 17 2015, 11:27 PM

@ellery can you leave a comment here on how we handled this task? We can move the task to Done after that.