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phabricator start page should show "my created tasks"
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phabricator start page does not show "my created tasks" or not and not how i can go there, but i think i must be blind :(

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You can get to your created tasks by going to Maniphest (on the left side bar of the start page) and clicking "Authored" in the left side bar again. The start pages can be customized by changing your Dashboard. See this page for more information.

Everyone else: Should we perhaps add a gadget for Authored Tasks on the default Dashboard?

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@ThurnerRupert: You could go to and use the "Authored" query offered (or even make that query the default one). Or adjust your personal frontpage by setting up a dashboard with that information.

I'm closing as invalid as several personalization options exist (see the help) as we cannot make it "right" for everybody by default and the given defaults seem to be rather accepted (I'm not really aware of complaints).