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There's no convenient way to see in which languages did the ContentTranslation creation trend go down or up
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As a follow-up to T105192 and to our latest weekly team meeting:

There's no convenient way on Special:CXStats to notice in which languages the trend went down, unless you are looking on the wiki in that language, and this doesn't scale to our number of languages.

The first simple thing that @Pginer-WMF suggested is to show a plus or minus next to each language bar on CXStats, but this could be developed further.

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I'm working on integrating it with the Language team monthly reports.

This is implemented in the latest monthly reports. Somewhat manual, but good as a start. Feedback is welcome.

I've checked January and February reports. The additional information about languages is useful. I think it surfaces relevant info that was going under the radar otherwise, and I really like the sections about the languages that activate and deactivate each week.

What I find a bit hard to process are the cases where a huge relative change is presented. For example, AK had a 24600% increase in February, with an absolute increment of 246. It is not immediately obvious what happened there.

I see two issues with this:

  • We may be may overrepresenting samler increments in low-activity wikis. However, I don't know if there is a proven approach to attenuate the noise of small absolute changes without overcomplicating this.
  • It is hard to process what happened. For which we may be able to provide a little bit more detail.

To help with the second issue. I wonder if it would help to show the before and after value:

LanguageChangeAbsolute incrementPercentage increment
AK1 → 247+246+24600%

Text formatting options on the query may be able to support this without significant changes. If significant effort is needed, we can definitely live with the current report as it is.