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Allow wikisyntax in abusefilter messages
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Hello. Today we've tried to customize the MediaWiki:Abusefilter-edit-action-block message at Meta-Wiki. The result is that the message when shown at Special:AbuseFilter just admits plain text. Please fix this so we can add links, bold text, etc. and allow better customization.

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Change 334984 had a related patch set (by MarcoAurelio) published:
Allow wikisyntax in abusefilter messages

Thanks for your reviews on the gerrit patch. I have no idea how to fix that, then. Sorry.

Change 334984 abandoned by MarcoAurelio:
Allow wikisyntax in abusefilter messages

It seems this won't fix it and I have no cluse how to, then.

The fix itself is pretty straightforward, we need to change the parsing at this line. However, I'm wondering whether we should also do it for other messages, and also whether it's actually supported.

we need to change the parsing

Attempt to this wasn't successful, see the abandoned patch.

Indeed, but now that checkbox comes from OOUI. We should again determine whether this change could be feasible. And, as I was saying above, we should either change the parsing mode for all messages or don't change it at all, to avoid inconsistencies. This also requires an assessment for potential regressions coming from such a batch change.

Putting links inside checbox labels (where clicking on the label is normally expected to check the box) is not great for user experience.
I suppose the intent here was linking "global filters" in "(do not set on global filters) Block the user and/or IP address from editing"? Would it be better to completely disable/hide that option for global filters?