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Special:PagesWithBadges should be filtered by wiki/language
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In order for the Special:PagesWithBadges (from T72209) to replace the old template system completely, we need a way to filter the list by wiki, in addition to the "badge" filter.

In the existing categories are separated by language, e.g.:

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Can you please outline what you are trying to do with the information?

Find good articles in a language I know so that I can translate them to my primary language, or use them to improve the existing articles in my language.

Ah cool. Ok.
For performance reasons this might need to happen on Wikidata itself instead of on the Wikipedias as a start. Maybe Bene can chime in.

We could use the SPARQL service at and build a tool on labs around that which solves this problem. It sounds like a more enhanced issue that is better served with a powerful tool on toollabs.

Edit: See for example

Any estimates on when this will be implemented? Or will it be better if we just copy frwiki's hack¹ to ptwiki², and then request a bot to add a template to all articles, so that it categorizes them the same way it was done before the removal of Link FA?


The question is still open if the query is sufficient on or if we need a custom tool on labs.

@He7d3r and others: any updates on this? Does the query provide the correct results? Do you want to have a tool with ui etc. around it?

Looks like @Stegop/@Stego does not have a Phabricator account. I'm not sure that is enough for their purpose. Quoting from the link mentioned above:

(...) uma ferramenta algures que quase ninguém sabe onde está serve a muitíssimo menos gente do que as categorias que existiram durante anos. Pelo menos na FR já têm a predef em milhares de artigos...

(which translates to something like this:

(...) a tool somewhere that almost no one knows where it is serves far less people than the categories that have existed for years. At least in FR they already have the template in thousands of articles...