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jenkins doc generation rule should vote against changes which create sphinx errors
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To prevent new doc problems appearing, a jenkins rule needs to ensure no errors occur doing generation

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Do you have an example of a failing change I can test with?

Do you have an example of a failing change I can test with?

Every changeset currently has 'ERROR: ' in the doc job log. e.g.

Here is a changeset where all 'ERROR's are fixed:

I've dug into the Sphinx code, and as far as I can see we have four options:

  • also fix every warning, and then enable Sphinx -W
  • post process the Sphinx stderr for the word 'ERROR':
  • Invoking docutils
  • Control the behaviour of docutils within Sphinx using docutils.conf

The problem is that most of our errors are inside docutils, and while they use the word 'ERROR: ' they are treated as a warning inside Sphinx, and the only way to get an error code is to enable -W, but that means all warnings need to be fixed.

Fixing all warnings is not simple, as those mro warnings means solving the problems of T74424: ModuleDeprecationWrapper breaks code inspection tools, including epydoc, sphinx autodoc.

Invoking docutils with --halt:error does result in an exitcode.

$ /usr/local/bin/ --halt=error pywikibot/ _docutils-out/init.html
pywikibot/ (ERROR/3) Unexpected indentation.
Exiting due to level-3 (ERROR) system message.
$ echo $?

Running docutils directly isn't a simple option, as we would need to convert epytext to rst before invoking docutils, but it is do-able.

However, we can add a docutils.conf, which can include the following:

halt_level: error

Change 238420 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Fail on docutils errors inside Sphinx

Change 238420 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fail on docutils errors inside Sphinx

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The upstream issue is closed and we have a patch merged for it. I'm going to close this issue as well as it seem we are not facing this issue anymore.