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You cannot upload files with names of < 3 characters
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Author: lcarsdata

It is not possible to upload files with less than three characters (excluding
the file extension and Image: prefix). It would be quite useful to be able to do
this as there are a lot of purposes it could serve. Indeed there are many words
which are two (or even one) letter long and sometimes letters and numbers are
uploaded, in which case a single letter filename would be appropriate. I would
have tagged it with easy, but it might not be ;)

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lcarsdata wrote:

see [[bug:9251]] also.

robchur wrote:

Seems to be an explicit limit; no rationale given in comments, but I guess it
was a measure to cut down on drive-by uploading of files with crappy or useless

lcarsdata wrote:

I can understand that reasoning, but for closed-editing wikis it would be useful to at least be able to set this in LocalSettings.php - please reconsider.

ayg wrote:

This kind of restriction is not appropriate on the software level. Inappropriate images should be renamed, and names that are unwanted a priori in a particular wiki can be protected to avoid uploads to those names.

Fixed in r23339.