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Allow continuing the partially-complete upload in stashed mode after warning
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If warnings occur and aren't ignored during the upload of a chunk, the chunk is stashed as a separate "file" rather than being a part of a chunked upload session.

It would be helpful if this separately-stashed chunk could be used as input to the chunked-uploading process so it wouldn't have to be re-uploaded if the warning is to be ignored.

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I rewrote the description since it seemed to be describing the opposite of reality, possibly due to terminology confusion between the stash and the way chunked uploads work.

As for the request itself, something like this seems like it might work:

  • Add a stashedchunk or chunkfromstash (or whatever color the bikeshed should be) parameter that works just like chunk but the value is a filekey.
  • When that parameter is used, load up the filekey from stash to populate $chunkPath and $chunkSize in ApiUpload::getChunkResult().
  • Then at the if ( $this->mParams['offset'] == 0 ) { bit, just reuse the passed-in filekey if it's the first chunk or delete the passed-in filekey after the ->addChunk() call succeeds if it's not the first chunk.

No. That's about looking in the stash for UI purposes, while this is about looking in the stash for new backend functionality.

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