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Mobile friendly OAuth permission screen when logging in to Phabricator
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Originally reported by @Jaredzimmerman-WMF in Bug 73062:

when OAuth is triggered on mobile browsers, it still overlays the desktop site, and the dialog is not formatted for mobile screen.

@csteipp 2014-11-06 00:42:49 UTC
The app owner can fix this by setting the redirect url to a clean mediawiki url (, instead of a /w/index.php?title=Special:OAuth/authorize&whatever url.
This is because mobile frontend's varnish config doesn't attempt to detect mobile devices for non-clean urls.
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Therefore, it looks like the fix needs to be done in the Phabricator side.

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Is this an easy task? I'm asking to add the "Easy" tag or not.

@Qgil probably? I honestly don't know, perhaps Chris S. would want to weigh in.

@Qgil probably? I honestly don't know, perhaps Chris S. would want to weigh in.

It depends on what is desired here. If it's a single app that can update the url they're sending the users to, that's easy. If we want to MobileFrontend to handle this for everyone, that's a more difficult change.

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I'm just talking about the MediaWiki login button at linking to a mobile friendly Oauth dialog when a mobile device is detected.

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As most users will likely remain logged in on their mobile phones this seems to be an inconvenience that's not exposed very often (and I also hope that most mobile browsers allow zooming in nowadays). Hence lowering priority.

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