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Complete "Life of a successful project" doc
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In the previous rounds we decided to consolidate all our documentation for Outreachy / GSoC mentors and internship candidates in a single page:

We have been documenting based on the stage where we were, and now it is time to document the very beginning, in order to help Outreachy-Round-11 candidates.

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I can get this completed though! Loads of inspiration from the BounceHandler and Newsletter extension. I even tried quoting it down, at but went too out of focus.

Thank you @01tonythomas! Note that what needs priority is the completion of the sections "Choosing Wikimedia" and "Submitting your proposal". The rest is not so urgent (we still have some months before Community bonding period etc, and the content should be mainly ok (but welcoming improvement).

The idea is to keep that page as simple and sequential as possible, without ending up in another long messy page. :)

Alright. Having been on both side of the program, I will try to get those sections sorted. Will ping one of you if I get stuck

I have updated parts of Choosing Wikimedia and Submitting your proposal. Waiting for your feedback on the same!

There have been updates to the page during October, but it looks like this task as such can be closed.