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OAuth should return a useful error message when oauth_token is missing
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Have been struggling with this issue for a good few days.

I am currently trying to get oauth to work from node using passport-mediawiki.

I get as far as getting asked to authorise the oauth application for the user on a screen that reads:

Hi user1,

ResourceEdge Dev 5 would like to have basic access on your behalf on all projects of this site.

Privacy Policy Cancel Allow

Once I press Allow, I get the same box, but with the statement

There are problems with some of your input.
Hi user1,

ResourceEdge Dev 5 would like to have basic access on your behalf on all projects of this site.

Privacy Policy Cancel Allow

(For the record, pressing cancel sends me to a page saying I did not allow the application access

As far as I can tell, there is no info as to what the issue is. I gave the user access to every part of OUTH, no success so far. Will add logs and so forth on next page if the option exist.

The node passport-mediawiki-oauth uses the following three urls to get information:

options.requestTokenURL        = options.baseURL + '/index.php';
options.accessTokenURL         = options.baseURL + '/index.php?title=Special:OAuth/token';
options.userAuthorizationURL   = options.baseURL + '/index.php?title=Special:OAuth/authorize';

And I am pretty certain these are the right ones.

Version information as follows:

Installed software
Product Version
MediaWiki 1.24.1
PHP 5.4.16 (apache2handler)
MariaDB 5.5.41-MariaDB
Entry point URLs
Entry point URL
Article path /dbfswiki/index.php/$1
Script path /dbfswiki
index.php /dbfswiki/index.php
api.php /dbfswiki/api.php
load.php /dbfswiki/load.php
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Cologne Blue – GPLv2+ A lightweight skin with minimal formatting Lee Daniel Crocker and others
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SMWAskAPI 0.9 alpha API for executing semantic queries (#ask) in Semantic MediaWiki Pierre Mz
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OAuth – GPL-2.0+ Allows usage of OAuth 1.0a for API authorization Aaron Schulz, Chris Steipp and Brad Jorsch
Validator 2.0.4 GPL-2.0+ Declarative parameter processing library Jeroen De Dauw
WikiEditor 0.4.0 License Provides an extendable wikitext editing interface and many feature-providing modules Trevor Parscal, Roan Kattouw, Nimish Gautam and Adam Miller
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This is the best I can do for debug log (captured from the window below the confirmation box)

Here's one problem,

[OAuth] MediaWiki\Extensions\OAuth\SpecialMWOAuth::execute: doing 'authorize' with '' '449c71620457972e86ef20e083ccb87b' for 'Dbfswiki'

That first '' should have the request token filled in, and it's not.



So oauth_token= here should have the request token passed in. Since it doesn't, the /authorize can't tie this request to your call to Special:OAuth/initiate.

I don't know anything about node's passport, but it's failing to pass the request token, so need to find a way to do that.

I thought we actually had an error message when Special:OAuth loaded with a blank oauth_token, but apparently not. We should fail with a more informative message there.

Tgr renamed this task from Pressing Allow on OAuth confirmation pop-up returns "There are problems with some of your input" to OAuth should return a useful error message when oauth_token is missing.Sep 15 2015, 5:55 PM

We have an error message, it's just extremely generic (mwoauth-invalid-field-generic). But it's not shown, the text is from htmlform-invalid-input. This looks like a bug in HTMLForm - the message returned from HtmlFormField::validate() is ignored.

Change 238613 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gergő Tisza):
Use text returned by HtmlFormField::validate() when validation fails

Change 238615 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gergő Tisza):
Use informative messages on form errors

So started hacking around a bit in the code, and have manage to get the request to be

So I have oauth_token and oauth_consumer_key but still have the same issue.
Are these the right things to send, I.E. should it accept the request with a oauth_token and a oauth_consumer_key. And should they be in the url?

And would I be right in saying that in theory, this should be the "registration" prior to actually trying to access oauth.

I.E. the system has not yet created the "init" key for the communication, but I expect that this is because the registration must complete first. Which also means that in theory, I should be able to open that API and accept registration in a web browser.

And would I be right in saying that in theory, this should be the "registration" prior to actually trying to access oauth.

I don't think you have this right. To clarify, MediaWiki's OAuth implementation is OAuth 1.0a (i.e., "3-legged OAuth"). So,

  1. Your server connects directly to MediaWiki (making a signed request to Special:OAuth/initiate). That call returns a token, which is the "request token" for the user who is going to do the authorization.
  1. You redirect the user's browser to Special:OAuth/authorize, passing the request token and your application's token in the "oauth_token" and "oauth_consumer_key" GET parameters (just like I think you have in, although I'm not exactly sure where you got those tokens from). This call to OAuth is not signed, since the request token is a reference to your original, signed request.
  1. After the user authorizes your Consumer on MediaWiki, their browser is redirected back to the callback url that you registered when you got your Consumer key and secret (or submitted as part of step #1). When the user comes back to your application, you make the 3rd call from your server directly to MediaWiki (to Special:OAuth/token) to exchange the authorization code for an "access token".

After all that, call the API with your signature in the Authorization header, and you will be taking actions on behalf of the authorizing user. Of you can call Special:OAuth/identiy to get a signed statement about the user's identity on the wiki.

@Vrghost1 Have you installed and configured memcached? I even needed $wgMainCacheType = CACHE_MEMCACHED for it to work.
Can you test a different framework such as to confirm it's MediaWiki's fault?

@csteipp: Just to be clear, I did not write the actual passport-mediawiki-oauth module. So I do not know if it is correct other than indication is that it did work some time in the pass (I am certain that Dan did a good work even if he calls it a hack). So at some point it did work.

@Ricordisamoa: I was actually planning to write a simple test outside of the passport system just to check where the problem is, but thought I would sidestep it and check if I should be able to access that first page before the initiation?

So, trying to find good information on this. Could someone tell me if the below article is correct, in that case it seems to me that I should be able to access this first step prior to initiating the connection. That is at least how the passport module seems to be doing it.

(Its the clearest description of the mediawiki oauth flow I could find)

So, trying to find good information on this. Could someone tell me if the below article is correct, in that case it seems to me that I should be able to access this first step prior to initiating the connection. That is at least how the passport module seems to be doing it.

Yes, that should be correct.

If you get passport working, feel free to add it to the example section.

Seems like the first issue is that for one reason or another the oauth initiaion part does not pick up the oauth token returned. Will try to get it working

Will put any comments on the other bug raised, and leave this to be about the missing error message.

Change 238615 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gergő Tisza):
Use informative messages on form errors

Instead of passing an error message back to the form on submission (although that would be nice too), I was thinking we would throw an Exception that gives a useful error message when the user first gets to the /authorize form, just like we do if the Consumer key isn't valid in handleAuthorizationForm.

Change 238613 merged by jenkins-bot:
Hoist validation errors from hidden fields to the top of the form

Change 238615 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use informative messages on form errors

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