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Stream Wiki-Med Course session with Dr. James Heilman for future interested viewers.
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Sep 15 2015, 3:36 PM
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Wiki-Med is a for-credit elective course dedicated to contributing medical content to Wikipedia, at Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
In this semester-long course, students expand stubs and create new articles, while meeting with various Wikipedians from the community.
One session of the course was devoted to giving students a wider perspective of what we do in the movement, and connect them with the global community of contributors in the field of Medicine. For this purpose, we had an online class with Dr. James Heilman (uesr:Doc James), a doctor, Wikipedian and one of the main forces behind WikiProject Medicine in En-Wiki.
The session has been broadcast live and recorded on YouTube in the hopes that future enthusiasts can benefit from it as well.

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This is great Shani. Thanks for adding this to the Collab task list and for adding the links here.

Thank you for leaving the link here, I didn't aware of this until I found this task. In Taiwan we also have collaboration with Medical Translation Taskforce. This will be a very good reference for the translators in Taiwan. :)