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also clone submodules in operations/puppet jobs
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Also clone submodules in operations/puppet jobs, otherwise the jobs won't be able to check their content.

E.g. this won't otherwise help:

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I think this was done some time ago, but I could be wrong. Could you check its validity?


CI jobSubmodules
operations-puppet-rake-jessieYES, recursive

The operations-puppet-rake-jessie takes care of running puppet-lint / puppet parser validate and has been made to process submodules. A prerequisites was to have each submodules projects in Gerrit to run the same linters as well. That is done now.

operations-puppet-tox-jessie runs a few tests that are solely in puppet.git Not sure it makes sense to add submodules to it.

operations-puppet-typos we can probably trigger it from every operations/puppet/ repositories. Or even better integrate it in rake test.

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Nowadays we have a single job operations-puppet-tests-jessie and it does process submodules, even recursively.