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Fix display of dates in user interface
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User interface currently displays "14 February 1 BCE" for the date shown in a [ diff] as "−0001-02-14T00:00:00" But the user interface displays "14 February 0" for the date shown in [ another diff] as "+0000-02-14T00:00:00".

The first example is wrong because the year −0001 (or −1) is supposed to be 2 BCE according to [[MediaWikiWiki:Wikibase/DataModel#Dates and times]].

The second example is wrong because years greater than or equal to 1 are displayed without a suffix (no CE, AD, etc.) So this implies that 0 must be CE, since it also lacks a suffix. But all authorities that use 0 and negative years regard the year 0 to be equivalent to 1 BCE. No authority recognizes 0 CE.

This bug should be fixed in conjunction with T94064, "Date of +0000-01-01 is allowed but undefined in wikibase but is not allowed in xsd:dateTime as implemented by blazegraph‏".

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1 BC is stored as -0001. -0001 is displayed as 1 BC. There is nothing we can "fix" in the formatter.

I contest your assertion that 1 BC is stored as -0001. Instances of bot imports using the convention 1 BC is 0 have been raised in other discussions, so the statement is not a factual description of the database contents. T99674 is unresolved and proposes that the convention 0 BC is 0.

The time to fix this problem may not be ripe, but it needs to be fixed eventually

This tickets description says "fix display", but there is nothing wrong with the display we can fix. 1 BC is stored as -1 and displayed as 1 BC. T99674 is the ticket you are looking for.