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Create HackathonOrganizers mailing list
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requested name of the mailing list:

reasoning/explanation of purpose (and link to community consensus, if applicable)
This will be a closed email list consisting of wmf staff, paid chapters staff and volunteers who who have organized wikimedia or wikimania hackathons. The purpose of this list is for new hackathon organizers to have a place to go to get help and historical knowledge and for previous hackathon organizers to talk about future events.

initial list administrator's email address

secondary list administrator's email address (as a backup)


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This will have to be on unless you're actually looking an alias in exim (probably not since you're talking about admins) or an internal google group (probably not since you're talking about chapters+volunteers)

Yes, the intention is to have a public mailing list, so

So wait, closed per the description or public per @Qgil's comment?

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I have thought of this list as public, just like Phabricator tasks are public... "However, the whole trend is moving toward using Phabricator for project management, leaving the role of the list more for the daily little things and misc support." (T112709)

It is true that currently event organizers create their own private lists, and we are trying to supplement that. Does the new list need to be private (Wikimedia default is no, but there might be delicate topics to discuss like budget, surprises for attendees, etc). In any case, we should be aware that the archives will remain, and new organizers joining in 2016 will be able to access what was discussed before. That is exactly the point, learning from the previous organizers.

In any case, @Rfarrand is the one deciding here.

Well, once a decision is made please assign the task to me and I'll create the list using what was decided. Thanks.

I kind of see a conflict between "new hackathon organizers to have a place to go " and "delicate topics to discuss like budget". Seems to me you may want 2 lists? One public, one private?

No, we have Phabricator for public work. New hackathon organizers have to deal with budget and whatever is not so public since the moment they start, so I don't see the conflict.

@Rfarrand said private, and the more I think the more I believe she is right. :) Please create the list as private.

Done. Password sent to emails listed in description.