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mwdumper GUI is unclear when fixing database problems
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When inputting database information such as the database name, the mwdumper GUI
displays a little status thingy saying if it's ready or if there's a problem,
such as a missing database or inability to find tables.

This updates when you change the fields, but not when you, say, switch over to a
terminal and fix the database.

Rechecking the database readiness state when the app regains focus would be a
little convenience here. Alternatively, a 'retry' button might not be too awful.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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Assigning to brion. Problably created before new mwdumper issues were auto-assigned.

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mwdumper is no more able to process dump generated since MediaWiki 1.31 (released in June 2018). The tool started in 2005 and is no more maintained, it is thus being archived, see T351228 for reference.