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Install snzip on stat1002 and stat1003 {hawk}
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I'd like to have snzip, a snappy compression/decompression utility installed on stat1002/1003 so that I can work directly with snappy-compressed files.

See I can't find a Deb, but the author provides installation instructions in the README.

This is currently blocking my work on / T99172

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@Ottomata directed me to a compiled binary of snzip he has in his home folder. This will work for me for now.

I'd like to leave this open and put it on the analytics backlog with low priority. It'd be nice to have this as a .deb.

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Just heard an update at Scrum of Scrums that Ops is giving Analytics ownership of this kind of work. They said they'd help if needed.

It seems like this library will not work for snappy compression from Hadoop. @Ottomata, unless we want to fix this upstream, then I don't see a good reason to spend more time getting the compression utility debianized.