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Err: Invalid index 0 - in tilerator tile copying
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Err: Invalid index 0
 at Object.module.exports.indexToXY (/home/yurik/tilerator/node_modules/kartotherian-core/lib/core.js:174:15)
 at JobProcessor.generateTileAsync (/home/yurik/tilerator/src/lib/JobProcessor.js:336:19)
 at /home/yurik/tilerator/src/lib/JobProcessor.js:292:21
 at tryCatcher (/home/yurik/tilerator/node_modules/bluebird/js/main/util.js:24:31)

when running


"zoom": 1,
"idxFrom": 0,
"idxBefore": 4,
"storageId": "v2",
"generatorId": "v3",
"saveSolid": true,
"title": "v3→v2; Z=1; ALL (4)",
"filters": [{"sourceId": "v3","zoom": 1}]

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