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Travis testing using is not possible
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Orain has been compromised (DNS redirected to porn site, DB known to be completely wiped), as such the test case will always fail. Since there is no ETA on recovery, I'm removing them from the .travis.yml.


Revert patch when they are back online.

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Change 239066 had a related patch set uploaded (by Revi):

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Thank you for this. Wouldn't like Travis jobs to fail (again) because our site is down with a different error code.

Unfortunately confirming these issues and noting that our site was compromised. Unfortunately I'm not sure if/when we'll get access to anything back so it may be a while before the "to do" gets done here.

Thanks for remembering about this :p

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There's no upstream ETA . Don't seem to be back up in near future (or at all).

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Looks like it isnt coming back.

We were only using Orain specifically for OAuth tests, but those tests are being run on the Beta cluster, so very little testing was 'lost'.

We could transition to using the wiki host miraheze for a 'modern wiki farm' regression test job, and it looks like it supports OAuth too.
But that is beyond the scope of this task.