Allow the user to switch languages while viewing an article
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Language selector will be part of "article actions" toolbar on bottom.

Instead of static icon we would be showing the language code. Tapping on it will open the modal window for selecting language.

  • A separate ticket will be needed for language picker.

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    @Fjalapeno Holding off on this for now - we have some other locations in mind, finishing up designs for this by the end of the week.

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    Updated the description with mocks. I am pretty sure there are some other cases to this. Let's discuss here and i will add more mocks to the pholio.

    @Nirzar @JMinor
    We also discussed adding the language codes to the modal language list. We'll add a mock

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    @KHammerstein @Nirzar @JMinor please see for a list of all known WMF sites (Wikipedia & other projects).

    @Nirzar for more context from our conversation: many of the wiki language codes are not standard ISO 2 letter codes (see Brian's link) which makes this design more difficult to accommodate.

    Simplest solution is to fallback to a single language switching icon, and not try to include current language in bar. But passing back to you for consideration.

    @JMinor hmm.. having different buttons for english and simple english will be confusing. let's do language icon for now. i will add the asset and update the mockup.

    @KHammerstein we won't have to touch the language selection modal window if we use language icon

    Updated the mock with icon. I will add the asset to latest zip for PDFs

    If the article is not available in the language the button should be in a disabled state.

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    Checked with Dev 5.0.0 (475) on iPad mini 8.2.

    1. Checked. >If the article is not available in the language the button should be in a disabled state.
    2. Checked - While the article is loading, the button should be in a disabled state.
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