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Provide an API module for mapping between wiki ID and the wiki's domain
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The API module should use the StiteLookup service to provide a wiki's global ID given a domain, or vice versa. In addition "local" IDs (like the interwiki prefix) could also be accepted as input.

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@Anomie thanks for spotting the dupe, merged it in. The old ticket had next to no info

Hm, not sure why this was abandoned. Maybe it can be revived?

Hm, not sure why this was abandoned.

This "sites" stuff was added to core in with the promise that it would someday replace the existing interwiki code. Except that has never happened, so we have this pile of code that's not actually used anywhere in core. There was opposition to adding more infrastructure in core around this unused feature, versus just removing it (and the database ORM classes that only exist in core to support it) from core entirely.

It would probably help that patch gain acceptance were it to be accompanied by an effort to actually make good on the original promise.