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Opt-out: Add template with a link to Flow Archive page
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Opt-out moves the user's Flow page to /Flow Archive 1. We need to show that link to the user.

We should have a template in the same style as the one currently added to the side rail on new Flow boards.

{{Wikitext talk page converted to Flow|archive = User talk:SuperDuckspecial/Archive 1|date = 2015-09-28}}

This template says:
Previous discussion was archived at User talk:SuperDuckspecial/Archive 1 on 2015-09-28.

We should also have the opposite counterpart -- Template:Flow board converted to wikitext. Text should read:
Previous discussion was archived at (Flow Archive page) on (date).

This can be added at the top of the wikitext talk page.

We should treat this archive link the same way that we do its opposite counterpart -- removing it and replacing it depending on whether it's canonical or archived.


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Another topic worth to be discussed - 'View history':

User talk page will have different History pages due to opt-in/opt-out - because those are, in fact, different pages. Even the titles differ: Revision history of User talk:ET23 vs User talk:ET23 (after opt-in)

  • it's confusing for a user to think about two different histories for the same page
  • some History entires after opt-in are redundant and give no helpful info

Clicking on the link "differences from the previous version", gives:

  • all info about a "related" Flow User talk will be stored in 'View logs for this page' on 'Revision history of User talk'
DannyH added a comment.EditedSep 17 2015, 9:17 PM

About the two histories: that's actually not much different from page moves, or wikitext cut-and-paste archives. I think this is actually more clear, because we're presenting these as two different pages.

I agree that Flow history pages need a lot more work, but that's a bigger problem than this ticket.

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Yup, there is a log entry for the page itself, but it's not entirely clear in the history page.
E.g. I opted-in and then opted-out:

We probably need to

(Flow talk page manager moved page User talk:Testingabanana/Archive 1 to User talk:Testingabanana without leaving a redirect: Archive flow page to User talk:Testingabanana/Flow Archive 1 and restore archived wikitext page)

is 224, including the filled in variables.

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I updated this ticket, and now it's just about adding the template. If we want to also change the edit summary for Flow talk page manager, that should be a different ticket. Do we want to do that?

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Change 246858 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson):
[WIP] Add templates to talkpage and Flow board during opt-out

Change 246858 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add templates to talkpage and Flow board during opt-out

Checked in betalabs

After opt-out

  1. wikitext User talk page displays a link to archived Flow board:

e.g. Previous discussion was archived at User talk:ET12/Flow Archive 1 on 2015-10-28.

  1. Archived User talk:ET12/Flow Archive 1 displays the following added to a Board description:
{{Archive for converted wikitext talk page|from=User talk:ET12|date=2015-10-28}}<br>
<!--?xml encoding="utf-8"?-->
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