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support canonical names for SMW namespaces
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In ,
user requested supporting English names for SMW namespaces.

You can use[[Category:Aktorki]] as well as [[Kategoria:Aktorki]] on a Polish
Mediawiki site, but for the SMW namespaces only [[Relacje::xx] works, you can't
use [[Relation::xx]].

I have a fix, which is to append the canonical English namespace names and codes
to $wgNamespaceAliases in SMW_GlobalFunctions.php, but I'm not sure how much
this buys us.

His other request is to allow canonical English names for built-in types like
Liczba zmiennoprzecinkowa (Integer), but that's separate and I think a lot more

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All of this has now been fixed via MW's namespace aliases and a new SMW alias system for types and special properties.