Update styling and grouping of cards on feed for iOS app 5.0
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Update styling for the feed. here's a the spec for the feed styling that @KHammerstein and I worked on

  • Acceptance criteria:
    Article Preview Card View layout in portrait mode should match the attached pholio mockup.

    Note that if an article doesn't have a valid lead image, no image is shown. See spec for details on other details of Article Preview Card View behavior.

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    @Nirzar @KHammerstein please attach pdf assets for the new icons for feed sections.

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    @JMinor the assets for this have been added to https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/M91

    The only one that is not there is the placeholder icon for images. here https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/M83/223/

    So attaching the icon PDF here for that

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    @Nirzar Hey I'm starting on this ticket in the morning - are the attached assets still good to go?

    @Mhurd see if T113757 is fixed as a result of this styling

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    @Nirzar @JMinor

    This PR implements the most obvious changes specified in the "treatment" mock - i.e. moving the title description below the image, edge-to-edge spacing, removing drop shadow etc:

    I am starting on follow-on now to address all of the tiny padding, font-size/color and other smaller bits from the other mocks.

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    @Nirzar - hey in Treatment.png, should we use same blue for both collection title (i.e. "Edward norton" ) and "Save for later"? Right now they're slightly different...

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    Style updates cleaning up summary text and reducing vertical spacing between items:

    Image height incorrect - should be a 16:9 ratio. On iphone 6 ~ 192 pt

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    Checked with on iPad mini iOS 8.2 and iPhone 5 iOS 9.02
    Checked with on iPhone 6S+ 9.1

    iPad mini iOS 8.2

    iPhone 6S 9.1

    iPhone 5 iOS 9.02

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