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Convert weblinkchecker to requests
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weblinkchecker should be converted to requests.

The class LinkChecker should be deprecated using @deprecated, and otherwise not modified. The class LinkChecker is too intrinsically tied to httplib to be enhanced without causing backwards compatibility bugs.

The function check may also be deprecated using @deprecated, or rewritten using requests.

LinkCheckThread needs to be revised, rewriting the first half of method run using similar functionality using requests.

It only needs to perform a http fetch, which can be done using pywikibot.comms.http.fetch or requests directly, check the http status code against HTTPignore, and then call self.history methods as it already does.

It should skip any URL which matches the pattern in ignorelist.

To test, use

$ rm -rf deadlinks/
$ python weblinkchecker -family:wikipedia -lang:en -page:User:John_Vandenberg/test_T113596 -day:0 -talk

$ python -c "import pickle, pprint; print(pprint.pformat(pickle.loads(open('deadlinks/deadlinks-wikipedia-en.dat').read())))"
{u'': [(u'User:John Vandenberg/test T113596',
                                                 u'401 UNAUTHORIZED')],
 u'': [(u'User:John Vandenberg/test T113596',
                                     u'404 NOT FOUND')],
 u'': [(u'User:John Vandenberg/test T113596',
                                     u'410 GONE')],
 u'': [(u'User:John Vandenberg/test T113596',
                                                               u'404 Not Found')],
 u'': [(u'User:John Vandenberg/test T113596',
                                           u"Socket Error: u'[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)'")]}

$ python weblinkchecker -family:wikipedia -lang:en -page:User:John_Vandenberg/test_T113596 -day:0 -talk

This should also post a notice on (blank that page after each test run)

To test deprecation, do

$ python shell -log -debug -verbose
>>> from scripts import weblinkchecker
>>> weblinkchecker.check('')

It should produce a useful message.

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I'm pretty lost. Not sure what needs to be rewritten using requests. Are you saying just not use LinkChecker at all? I guess I just don't really understand what the function I'm changing is doing. Please guide me a little.

@MtDu, the function is checking that each link is alive. It is very similar to Do a fetch, check the response, and for non-OK status codes capture the error message / exception message.

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[WIP] Convert weblinkchecker to requests

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Convert weblinkchecker to requests

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