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Improve way wiki/language specific fixes are setup
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Most of the language/wiki specific fixes end up in a big if lang = x else if lang = y

It's mostly unmaintainable, and it's a coding mess

Really, we need to work out some structure for a WikiSiteConfigSpecificThings (name needed), defining the base differences (stub regexes etc), and then create an override class for each language. Factory method in the base to instatiate the correct version to be used inline.... It might end up stored under Variables (not great), but it's working the code in the right direction

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The Wikisources individually deal with poor OCR scans, and have multiple cases of the same typo through a set of scans; that often replicate through series of works. So having the ability for a wiki to set things that will fill things like

"wliere" for "where", "tvvo" for "two", "coUect" for "collect", "prcsently" for "presently", and "written bv the" for "written by the", and "they aiso" for "they also"

(borrowed from @BD2412)

having them as individually grabable sets, and potentially reusable would be brilliant.

At the Wikisources, we could utilise an AWB subpage based on the Index: namespace of a work
eg. for the work at,_1st_Series,_Volume_1.djvu
the gen fix page could be at,_1st_Series,_Volume_1.djvu/AWB

The other opportunity that I see is some sort of Special: page, and have proposed something like that to @Pathoschild for his development of [[m:TemplateScript]].

I see that these maintenance type functions by bots or semi-automated could look to discuss an agreed and similar approach to the next development schema, be it a new/dedicated namespace or special pages, or something that the greater minds can envisage.