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Currently, when a WikiProject is renamed, all the "WikiProjectCards" associated with that project have to be moved as well, or else a membership list is generated under the old project name. This is very tedious, especially for WikiProjects with many members, and it makes it almost impossible for WikiProjects to be renamed (unless I am around).

See as an example of what needs to be done when a WikiProject is renamed. Because WikiProjectCards are hosted in the user space, you can't batch-move them as you can do with subpages.

Currently, determines what WikiProject to associate a WikiProjectCard with by parsing the page title structure. For example, "User:Harej/WikiProjectCards/WikiProject Women/Women in Red" is parsed as "WikiProject Women/Women in Red". The bot should do a check to see if that page is a redirect, and if so, to associate the information with the WikiProject at its current title. This will let people rename WikiProjects and not have to rename all the WikiProjectCards, at least not right away.

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Discussed during 2015-12-07 meeting.

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Redirects are followed, and cards are updated (T120695), as long as the new project title is used in wikiproject.json.