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Requesting access to stat1002 for Dan Foy
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Please provide @DFoy with access to stat1002 and Hive so he can query pageview data.

@DFoy give us your Wikitech shell account name. (you can get that by following the steps here: )

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@DFoy: Before we can proceed, you need: (a) to provide us with a public ssh key that is not used anywhere else; and (b) to review and sign L3 if you have not yet done so; (c) provide us with your Wikitech username (I see the DFoy Wikitech user - if that is yours please confirm so on this ticket).

@coren : My public key is at . I've signed the 'L3' document, and the DFoy wikitech user is mine.

This seems identical to T113325, just for Dan instead. As such, would @Slaporte be the manager to approve this access expansion as well?

Once we have manager approval, this is older than the 3 day wait already, so I'll just process it.


I've prepared the patchset for merge, I just need to have your manager's approval for this on task

As such, would @Slaporte be the manager to approve this access expansion as well?

It's not me -- let's check with @DFoy.


I've assigned this task back to you, please have your manager attach approval. Once we have that, you can assign it back to me, thanks!

@RobH - my manager is not on Phabricator. I had my manager (Sheree Chang) send approval via email to coren earlier this week, but I will copy it below. Let me or Sheree know if you need further verification than this.

WIll you be able to create the account detailed in by Tuesday morning? This is a prerequisite for a hive class that Madhumitha is conducting then.

BTW, my manager, Sheree Change (cc'd here) can provide permission for access.


Permission granted! Let me know if you need something else from me...

DFoy removed a subscriber: RobH.


You pasting your managers approval won't quite cut it, no offense intended.

Most mangers approving shell access would then go and create a phabricator account as a part of their regular duties. If Sheree will be managing users using phabricator, setting up an account will save her time in the future.

If that isn't acceptable, please have Sheree email me directly to approve your access. Please have the approval include acknowledgement that this is shell access to private data in the hive cluster. This includes access to bastion hosts, as well as the stat1002 system with hive data. Email isn't ideal, but at minimum I can then reply back and forth and confirm its two-way communication.

I asked @coren about the email, but he is likely gone for the day since its late in his timezone =]

+ Sheree

Hi Sheree, we need to repeat the approval process for the analytics
access. Can you review and respond to Rob's request below?


Also note the patchset is ready for rollout, so as soon as I am able to chat with Sheree we'll get this sorted! (Sorry its taken so long!)


I've gotten Sharee's approval via a back and forth in corporate email. (Non-ideal but it'll do in a pinch for this.) I'll fix up my patch and merge this tomorrow morning (Thursday).


Your access to the bastion hosts and stat1002 are now live, resolving access request.