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Cascading protection does not affect <includeonly> content
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Cascading protection does not affect transclusions wrapped with <includeonly>,
which affects content in protected templates or pages like "Project:Protected
inexistent pages".

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This is difficult to fix (the list of included templates is created in a parse
operation) and of limited value. The intention of the cascading page protection
feature is to protect a page against template vandalism, not to provide hacks to
protect non-existent pages. Protecting non-existent pages should be a separate

Propose WONTFIX.

ayg wrote:

It seems logical for cascade protection to work properly whether the page is transcluded or
viewed directly. The parse operation that generates the list shouldn't strip either <noinclude>
or <includeonly> sections. I'm surprised if we don't have an option for that lying around
somewhere, but it seems logical to add if we don't.

I don't see what this has to do with protection of nonexistent pages (bug 2919)?

The intention of cascading protection is to protect the "final product" page -
the one displayed to the user... not the actual page text itself - the raw
content stored in the text table. To do this, the templates included on the page
need to be protected - but the ones in includeonly needn't be, because they're
not shown on the final page displayed to users. Anyway, as I said, this is a
fairly difficult bug to fix, because it involves re-parsing things, as opposed
to piggybacking off parse operations that would have occurred anyway (as the
behaviour is currently). This is problematic from a performance perspective.

As I'm not involved with the project in any meaningful way anymore, I shan't
close this. However, I would recommend it be closed as WONTFIX.