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Flag disappears in Firefox
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In the landing page and in Firefox 40.0.3 the two options under flag disappear as soon as the user is about to click on them.

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@Milimetric can you look into this? We would like to start testing the tool more broadly (in the order of dozens participants).

quick update - I tried in vain to fight with the semantic-ui component last night. I should've given up sooner and made my own, and I'll try and do that tonight.

quick but sad update - With the craziness last weekend, this slipped. I am going to try to get to it this weekend.

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@schana It may be worth transferring the UI to bootstrap, which more people are familiar with.

I agree with moving to bootstrap, but that won't solve the problem here. @schana, we can chat, this is a silly problem that just takes a bit of time to make a custom component I think. I was too stubborn trying to force one of the semantic components into something it wasn't built to do.

@schana the flag options still disappear for me as soon as I'm about to click on them, and when Flag is chosen from the main list that shows all the recommended articles (not from the individual article's view page).