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[Task] Exclude Page namespace from Special:UnconnectedPages
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At the Wikisources, [[Special:UnconnectedPages]] is showing pages in the Page: namespace (for enWS) and correspondingly named namespaces at the other language WSes. The Page: namespace is a work area at the Wikisources, and none of these pages would normally be linked to a Wikidata item (ie. don't meet notability).

Basically Special:UnconnectedPages is swamped and its usefulness obliterated through the number of Page: ns pages that are being transcribed and filling the last 500. Can we please look to ignore the Page: ns for that special page.


  • For later wikisources, the Page: ns has a standardised ns:ddd, however, for many of the earlier WSes there is no existing standardisation (though there is T74525 to achieve that).

See also:
T117174: Exclude Liquid Threads namespaces from Special:UnconnectedPages

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@jayvdb. Aware of that, though for me that works for Index ns ++. I see no value for Page ns UNLESS there is a per wiki or per user default capacity. Page: != notable namespace EVER!

Separately considering subpage filtering but that will be later discussion.

A related request: T107927 I imagine this one could be fixed in the same way.

It won't be that easy because Page/Index namespace ids across the Wikisources are very different. Only a few wikis use the default namespace ids.

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