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Special:Version has only some section headings auto-numbered
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When the user has the "Auto-number headings" option enabled, only the first three section headings in Special:Version are auto-numbered, the others are not. What is so special about them?

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Confirmed by setting "Auto-number headings" setting under /wiki/Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rendering

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What is so special about them?

To answer your question directly, for some reason the first three sections are parsed as wikitext, while the remaining ones are not.

					$this->getMediaWikiCredits() .
					$this->softwareInformation() .
					$this->getSkinCredits() .
					$this->getExtensionCredits() .
					$this->getExternalLibraries() .
					$this->getParserTags() .

Why it is so, no idea. It would be good to make this consistent, in one direction or another.

I would actually prefer to generate HTML output in the first three sections too, as that's how most special pages are done. They already are mostly HTML-based, the tables and text formatting are done with plain HTML that the wikitext parser just passes through; it would primarily be the matter of changing link generation.