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Saving translation from Norwegian bokmål to Norwegian Nynorsk is not possible
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Trying to translate the article w:no:Tonsåsen into Nynorsk, which otherwise made a translation with very few errors, worked well until I should save. It is neither possible to save the on-going work or publish. There is a publish button, but it is greyed out. Url for the translation is like this.

Screenshoot from the translation, the publish button is grey.

content-translation-tonsåsen.png (725×1 px, 228 KB)

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Tried another time to verify this behavior, and this time it worked. Not sure what was wrong the first time. It starts rather sluggish, perhaps something timed out.

I'll let this be for now, perhaps someone known whats going on here.

This seems to be very similar to T96578, but this is marked as a duplicate of T94402 which is closed as resolved.

Hmm. I tried to reproduce it and it seems to be OK. Can you reproduce it in other articles?

(But while testing this one I found T114385 and T114382, so I'm happy that this bug exists!)

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Cannot reproduce. Please reopen if it happens again.

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