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OTRS language mailing list in AR
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Hi, please create an OTRS language mailing list in Arabic (OTRS-AR). So it's gonna be a link like

For access : Who gets access? Volunteers with accounts with access to the info-ar queues (plus Foundation employees and other exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the list administrators).

See the page :

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Why is this marked as confidential? And why is it tagged Znuny?

Sorry I'm a newbie in phabricator. I tagged OTRS because it's a mailing list about OTRS and I tagged confidential because I thought it needs to use tools to make it just accessible to OTRS-AR users.
Sorry again.

Znuny is about technical issues with OTRS itself. You want Wikimedia-Mailing-lists.

The 'Other confidential issue' option makes it so that only a specific set of people can view the task, it doesn't determine access to the new list you want made. Can I move this out of WMF-NDA?

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Can I have an email to use for the administrator and to send the password to?

Please also add as a list moderator but send the administrator password there as well. This is standard for all Official OTRS Wikimedia mailing lists.

Information seems mixed in what I'm getting so:

Since this is an OTRS list, I am going to send the information to the OTRS admins and then they can take this matter from there.

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Details sent to OTRS admins.