Update Iconography
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  • Icon-set contains icons for

    • Actions
    • Tabbar + Tabbar selected
    • Feed section title min icons
    • Mini actions

    Acceptance criteria:
    All app icons should use the forms specified in the attached pholio mock.

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    While the black on white pencil icon for the section editing is okay,
    at the bottom of the article we have a while pencil on the black background which means something completely different - it' a link to the article's history.

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    Nirzar stopped by and gave me the save, search, and W icons.


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    @nzr and I updated most of the assets catalog icons to use 1x single vectors and updated the tab bar icons.

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    Checked with Dev 5.0.0 (475)on iPad mini 8.2

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    I'm going to resolve this, but lets keep an eye out for missed icons. I know the edit pencil and back button on the edit flow both got missed, but will file them separately.

    There will also be some additional icons needed for the article footer changes in T109144