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Create MediaWiki-Releasing project
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Name: MediaWiki Releases
Desc: This project is the home for all tasks/issues/enhancement requests regarding MW thirdparty releases. This is not for issues regarding any specific MW release (those should go in the approriate project eg: MW-1.26-release)
Type: Umbrella
Policy: default

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How about "MediaWiki-Tarball-Releasing" to avoid confusion?

greg added a comment.Sep 24 2015, 7:35 AM

I would, but as you can see from the tasks listed, a "tarball" can not be
assumed to be intrinsic to the release in the future. Other suggestions
welcome :)

True that. "MediaWiki-Releasing"?
I just want to avoid that people add the project, thinking "This task should get fixed in one of the future MediaWiki-Releases!" and such.

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Requested project MediaWiki-Releasing has been created:

The task listed in this task have been associated.

Please encourage interested people to visit the project and to join the project as members, and to subscribe themselves to the project in order to receive updates!

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Should tasks about the make-release script be filed in this project? Currently they're under Deployments.

greg added a comment.Sep 24 2015, 4:33 PM

Should tasks about the make-release script be filed in this project? Currently they're under Deployments.

That's a grey area in my head. I have a few thoughts:

  • All bugs/feature requests for the code that lives in mediawiki/tools/release/ should be in MediaWiki-Releasing
    • I guess that makes sense even for the make-wmf-branch/deploy-notes/etc as those are technically releases
  • Keeping them in Deployments will increase visibility year round, instead of twice a year sprints as I assume MediaWiki-Releasing might encourage :)
    • (I hope not, re twice a year sprints for everything in -Releasing, especially for those tasks like "figure out our distribution strategy")
  • Have them in both?
  • Ontologies are hard, yo.