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SQL error on SpecialRecentchangeslinked with PostgreSQL
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Author: mathias.behrle

Working on rev 20562:

The Google Bot caused with

the following error in my logs:
mediawiki_fl ERROR: column "rc_deleted" does not exist

I don't know, when columns

rc_deleted         INTEGER      NOT NULL  DEFAULT 0,                         
rc_logid           INTEGER      NOT NULL  DEFAULT 0,                         
rc_log_type        TEXT,                                                     
rc_log_action      TEXT,                                                     
rc_params          TEXT

were added to table recentchanges (there is no patch in archives), but after
adding them the following error appeared:

A database error has occurred Query: SELECT /* wfSpecialRecentchangeslinked */
rc_id, rc_cur_id, rc_namespace, rc_title, rc_user, rc_comment, rc_user_text,
rc_this_oldid, rc_last_oldid, rc_timestamp, rc_minor, rc_bot, rc_new,
rc_patrolled, rc_type, rc_old_len, rc_new_len, rc_deleted FROM pagelinks,
recentchanges WHERE rc_timestamp > '2007-03-14 22:13:04 GMT' AND
pl_namespace=rc_namespace AND pl_title=rc_title AND pl_from=44 GROUP BY
rc_user,rc_comment,rc_user_text,rc_timestamp,rc_minor, rc_new, rc_id,
rc_this_oldid, rc_last_oldid, rc_bot, rc_patrolled, rc_type, rc_old_len,
rc_new_len ORDER BY rc_timestamp DESC LIMIT 50 Function:
wfSpecialRecentchangeslinked Error: 1 ERROR: column "recentchanges.rc_deleted"
must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function

The attached patch adresses this problem.

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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mathias.behrle wrote:

Patch for SpecialRecentchangeslinked.php


Fixed in r20604, thanks for the report and patch!

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