Should be possible to print breadcrumbs above the heading
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In Wikivoyage the heading is substituted by a page banner. This leads to breadcrumbs appearing below the heading as they currently render in the sub heading.

We never resolved this issue in the discussion here:

We could make it possible to configure the extension so that breadcrumbs can be displayed above the heading with a bit of work, but we should work out what the desired behaviour is before pushing ahead with this.

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There's a JS hack now in place. Would be good to work out a way forward for this. @Moushira can you help work out what the community wants here? I'm a little stretched right now.

Please fix the hack. The tool links below Special:Contributions header is now gone.

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"We never resolved this issue in the discussion here:"

Did we resolve what we want to do with this?
@Jdforrester-WMF is this on your team's radar?

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This is not an issue in GeoCrumbs, it is using the normal method of setting the subtitle. If the subtitle should be moved somewhere else, that seems like something that WikidataPageBanner needs to do.

The current JS hack causes a very-visible FOUC on every page view, that sucks.

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The issue here is that the wikivoyage community want the geocrumbs moved above the title e.g. not inside a subtitle. This is thus a geocrumbs/skin issue.

This issue is also present in Spanish Wikivoyage.

In case I wasn't clear before... the extension is currently programmed to always show breadcrumbs below the title.
The variable Geocrumbs uses has the name subtitle - which is why the breadcrumbs are appearing below the title/banner. (Note the similar for example)

In WikidataPageBanner the title is within the banner...
... but the community wants the links to appear ABOVE the title.

The hack is still in place on frwikivoyage, making the work of stewards harder.