Update visual style of article web view
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Related to T113544 Revert to old web view lead image presentation

Title below image, overlay of lead image removed
Type and spacing updates

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    @Nirzar the mocks show a new edit button, but I don't see one in the icon assets. Also, the implementation I put up for review doesn't match the mock's toolbar, since we still need to implement modal transitions & re-add language selection. Here's a screencap:

    Checked in alpha 5.0.0 (406) with iPad mini iOS 8.2

    Needs final Design sign off.

    @BGerstle-WMF The iPad screenshot shows serif fonts for body text. It should sans serif. Otherwise it's fine.

    To be clear, this is an iOS 8 issue, not an iPad issue.

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    So to be extra clear, the only change that needs to be made at this time is the iOS 8 base article font needs to go back to what it was formerly - i.e. helvetica nueue. Is that right?

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    Checked with 5.0.0 (492) on iPad mini iOS 8.2 and iPhone 6S+ iOS 9.1.

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