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Transportation on different layers appears to connect
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With the casings the way they are, it looks like all the roads connect.

MapBox Streets shows a more appropriate rendering

As does OpenStreetMap Carto

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@Pnorman, thanks, please add a url to the location

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Hi @Pnorman - this looks like something we can get fixed, right? Assigning to you for now, thanks! :)

After writing the brighmed layers and attempting to figure out what WMF osm-bright.tm2 + .tm2source does, it looks like the issue in WMF osm-bright stems from group-by problems. There are some in the styles, but I wonder if there's also

I have it fixed in theory in the new work, but is blocking testing and seeing the fix. Interestingly, it looks like there's a similar issue with group-by not making it into the XML with MB Studio Classic + WMF osm-bright.

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thanks for the explanation, @Pnorman

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The new unreleased version of CartoCSS fixes this with brighmed.

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Declining this ticket, as it'll be fixed with the next version of CartoCSS.

We're fixing this in the new vector tile schema work, I don't think declined is correct.

debt reopened this task as Open.Jun 14 2017, 5:17 PM

Gotcha - reopening but keeping it off the sprint board until we're ready.

We're not deploying the new style work, but I'm not closing this as declined. This is a clear bug in osm-bright.tm2 and/or osm-bright.tm2source, and the style attempts to handle it correctly, it's just buggy.