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Fetch submodules from the deploy host
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While the deploy repo is currently fetched from the deploy host on targets, submodules remain unmodified and will end up fetching from upstream. This is less than ideal for a couple of reasons, mainly that it precludes us from safely integrating security patches on the deploy host (tin), and secondly that it poses a possible bottleneck under high concurrency. It may also be a blocker for future fanout implementation.

So far, we've discussed two options for implementing this.

  1. Rewrite .gitmodules. Doing this at a single level seems simple enough, but handling it recursively (correctly) would add a lot of complexity to the fetch stage.
  2. Configure deploy targets to use git insteadOf to munge remote URLs. This should cover all submodules recursively without actually having to perform the recursive rewrites ourselves, and seems like a "cleaner" option overall simply because it's non-destructive.

The second option seems like the best approach for now.

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From today's cabal meeting: There will likely be edge cases where upstream submodule remotes aren't mapped but we're willing to accept those cases for now. We're primarily concerned with pulling in locally applied security patches and only secondarily concerned with performance bottlenecks (for now).

However, a warning should be emitted for upstream remotes that aren't mapped.

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D9 is the patch for review in this case. There's probably a fancier way to do this.

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