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Stylesheets should not both specify "media" and contain @media
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I uploaded a patch set for the Disambiguator extension, and there was an unrelated test failure, apparently caused by the Metrolook skin. This should be fixed.

06:46:12 1) ResourcesTest::testStyleMedia with data set #21 ('skins.metrolook.styles.responsive', 'screen', '', stdClass)
06:46:12 Stylesheets should not both specify "media" and contain @media
06:46:12 Failed asserting that false is true.
06:46:12 /mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mwext-testextension-zend/src/tests/phpunit/structure/ResourcesTest.php:36
06:46:12 /mnt/jenkins-workspace/workspace/mwext-testextension-zend/src/tests/phpunit/MediaWikiTestCase.php:137

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And could be to do with extension-unittests-generic test added recently to metrolook.

Not sure how to fix this problem.

Will be fixed when the Jenkins jobs mw-testextension* are moved to Nodepool instance. There will be no more any leftover from previous build.

Paladox added a comment.EditedDec 15 2016, 8:59 AM

@hashar but this fails on the skins tests for example the Metrolook one. Probably want to skip this one on the skins test please.

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The original issue got fixed when migrating jobs to Nodepool which starts with an empty workspace. Hence there is no more an unrelated skin/extension left behind from a previous build.